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Dream Bingo Review

Dream Bingo goes rogue and is now added to the blacklist.

Beware, Dream Bingo Review Blacklisted. Stay Away!

The reason Dream Bingo has been added to the rogue blacklist is due to the fact that they owe this very website a descent sum of money. We have had a good relationship with Dream Bingo since 2007 but that relationship became fractured when they decided to keep money that we had been told was being paid any day. We were told that the payment was in the process of being sent, but after waiting several days we contacted the company to inquire about the payment. A few days later a different company represenative contacted us and informed us that payment was not going to be sent at all.

The deal had already been made and agreed upon by both parties, the only thing that hadn't been completed was payment. They decided to cancel a deal and withold a payment after they agreed to the deal. This causes great concern to us and we can no longer recommend this bingo site because if they will keep our payment, it is a strong possibility that they will keep a player's winnings when they see fit. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and their behavior has now been exposed.

If you're looking for an honest online bingo site, visit our online bingo page.

The Original Review Before They Were Rogued and Added to The Blacklist is Below.

Many online bingo gamers ask the same question – is there a bingo strategy that can boost your chances of landing a winning line, or winning a progressive bingo jackpot?

Unfortunately, because bingo is a game of luck, there is no genuine system that can boost your chances of winning, so you’re better off buying extra bingo cards than wasting your cash buying so called ‘bingo strategies’. The more cards you play with, the higher your chances of finding a lucky card becomes. You don't want to buy those cards at Dream Bingo!

While you can’t enhance you chances of winning online bingo, you can select a bingo website with attractive prices, jackpots, bonus offers and regular promotions such as one of the sites listed on our bingo page.

Gaming prices

To maximise your bingo gaming experience, select an online bingo site that offers a range of card values, ranging from 5 pence and upwards. Bingo is not a game where you can use skill to win, so you shouldn’t have to pay high prices, even for games offering big prizes. If you strike a few nice wins, you can progress to higher stake games as your bank grows.

Jackpot Bingo

Look out for sites offering progressive bingo games. Many of the leading online bingo sites have progressive jackpot fund over 1 million pounds, with jackpots starting at $250, and rapidly escalating! You can enter progressive bingo games with small change, and if you’re after more of an exhilarating bingo challenge, it’s the place to be.

Bingo Bonuses

Bingo gaming is one of the most economic forms of online gaming – however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t snap up the best of the free money available to new players. Look out for the most generous online bonus offers, which typically provide gamers with around $5 in free bingo tokens. The free sign-up offers are generally sufficient for you to decide whether you like the bingo site, or want to try out another. Many of the sites listed on our bingo page include free money to try out the sites.

Bingo Promotions

In addition to a nice sign-up bonus, check prospective bingo websites for regular monthly promotions (such as free Widescreen TV giveaways), themed gaming specials and bonus bingo chat games (available everyday at the leading sites).

Remember that while you can land bingo jackpots, the game is about making friends and having fun, so you’ll get much more from the game by picking a top bingo website, than trying to find bingo strategies that don’t exist. Furthermore, you can find a wealth of friendly advice from experienced gamers, within the chat forums available on many bingo sites – if there are really any bingo systems in use, this is the place to find them. Browse around and find a site that gives you a good feeling, then sign-up and enjoy some free-play bonus bingo.

Don't Visit Dream Bingo and you will not give them the chance to keep your income.

Dream Bingo Blacklisted and Rogued!


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